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Visit our bowling alley with a bar in Brookfield, CT

Friendly competition and delicious drinks are a recipe for a great night out. Grab some friends for your next bowling event and make your way to Strikers of Brookfield in Brookfield, CT. Our local bowling alley opened its doors in 1975, and we've been proudly serving our community ever since. Reserve your lanes today for your bowling league or bowling group.

We go above and beyond your traditional bowling alley. With a bar, snack station and pro shop with custom-made gear, we have everything you need all in one place.

Food and fun? That's just how we roll.

Roll in with friends, grab a bite and a beer and set up shop in one of our bowling lanes for the evening. You've officially found the best place to combine food and fun for a great night out.

When you visit Strikers of Brookfield, you can...

  • Play a game with a group of friends at our bowling alley
  • Sip on an ice-cold beer between each of your turns
  • Join one of our bowling leagues for a little bit of competition

Are you ready to have some fun with friends? Visit our local bowling alley today.

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